David Morales: The Beach Party

David Morales: The Beach Party

"I am creating a place for people to forget their troubles for a while. It is important in the world we are living in today.” – David Morales

A native New Yorker, David Morales grew up during dance music’s most influential era and frequented its legendary clubs. Whilst the music in such famed establishments as the Loft and the Paradise Garage was inspiring and new, there was also a large social element to what made these clubs unique. There were few clubs in New York City in the 1970’s and 1980’s that catered to everyone – black, white, Hispanic, gay – but The Loft and Paradise Garage welcomed everyone with open arms. These clubs represented the only places where you could truly “let go” and “be yourself” during a racially tense period in the city’s history. At the controls in the clubs, the DJ, who was more of an educator and less someone who came to play the hits as is prevalent in today’s scene. “The entire concept of DJing has changed so much over the years. Back in them day’s, the DJ was not the focal point; the DJ was someone off to the side or in a corner and people just danced throughout the night. Having experienced that, I get the greatest appreciation when people dance, not when they stare at me like I’m a god.

David Morales is considered by many to be one of the first true superstar DJ’s and is also known as one of the most versatile DJ’s currently on the scene. Whether it is playing a pool party in Miami as one of the “Kings of House” alongside Louie Vega or DJ’ing in an edgy European club or an event geared to a predominately gay crowd, Morales feels comfortable adapting to each situation. “I like to be part of creating a trend as opposed to following a trend. My identity is my culture in music. I’m into my fourth decade and all that influence adds into the mix. “I take what I experience and create my own thing.” Morales says. “You expand people’s minds by being able to expose them to different things”.

David is tireless: he just launched his brand new campaign/project standing along from others: DIRIDIM is the new musical project for all tastes, targeting to listeners rather than followers, going back to essential “the rhythm”.

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