Pines Party 2020 -  July 24 - 26 2020

PINES PARTY 2020: July 24th - 25th

We’re excited to announce our plans for Pines Party 2020 ON AIR. This year’s Pines Party is reimagined as an amazing all-community Wonderland brought to you from Fire Island Pines.It will feature a procession of extra special DJ sets, thematic performances, and a Zoomed party, along with drone and camera feeds from small and intimate, socially-distanced house events.

Your key to Pines Party 2020 ON AIR will unlock a visit to some of the most fabulous houses of the Pines. You’ll recognize friends and neighbors as we fly over the houses, trees and the beach, stopping in to visit our house sponsors. From Mad Tea Parties to Queen of Hearts croquet matches, join us for an exciting virtual adventure! Our extended worldwide community will be experiencing the beauty and magic of Fire Island together with our friends in the Pines.

Not just a party, Pines Party raises much-needed funds for our long time beneficiaries – Stonewall Community Foundation and The Pines Foundation. Stonewall has provided critical pandemic assistance to its network of LGBTQIA+ non-profit partners and has long been at the forefront of the fight for racial justice. We are very proud of our partnership with Stonewall and have contributed more than $1.2 million over the history of our event.


Weekend Schedule

RED QUEEN at WHYTE HALL: A Royal Cocktail Reception
(social distancing regulations in effect)
Friday July 24, 7:00 - 10:00 PM at Whyte Hall
Music: Jeff Hall

Saturday July 25, 9:00 PM - 1:00 AM (ON AIR)
Music: David Morales

Sunday July 26, beginning at 1:00 AM (ON AIR)
Music: Aaron Aanenson